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I accept and understand that I am responsible to secure a valid New Hampshire state license, a suitable floor cover for my booth and a preparation table and thermal fax paper. Further, it is understood that Live Free or Die Tattoo, Inc. shall not be responsible for any losses, claims or damages resulting from items sold by vendors or artists, tattooing or tattooing preparation, body piercing or body piercing preparation, performed or sold by any vendor or artist or for any difficulties, damages or losses resulting from equipment malfunction, whether supplied by the vendor, the artist or by Live Free or Die Tattoo, Inc. Further, all vendors and artists shall solely be responsible as to any damages, losses or injuries claimed or alleged by clients, visitors or customers and shall secure appropriate insure for protection for this purpose and shall fully indemnify and hold harmless Live Free or Die Tattoo, Inc. from any such claims losses or damages as may be alleged or claims by customers, clients or visitors.

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