LYLE TUTTLE: THE LIVING TATTOO LEGEND Speaking with Lyle Tuttle is like going backwards in time to a simpler place where only sailors and outlaws had tattoos. Tattoos were not always accepted or even trendy like they are today. Lyle started tattooing in 1949 in San Francisco, California. I asked him what inspired his career […]

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Adam RealMan Of Coney Island Sideshow

ADAM REALMAN “THE PREMIER VARIETY ENTERTAINER” The Live Free or Die Tattoo Expo is going on its 11th year in 2017! For the past 5 years, The Coney Island Sideshow has come to New Hampshire to perform at the expo and they are making another appearance this year. I had the chance to speak with […]

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Lyle #LFOD16

LYLE TUTTLE ON #LFOD16 “Another great show and they get better and better each year. Jon is the prime mover and has put together a great staff to put his ideas into action. I always like being a part of Live Free or Die.” LT Email from Lyle Tuttle August 6, 2016

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